Mike Taylor

Mandala (JIB-23-M-CD)

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Mike Taylor

Jazz In Britain


DRJ 164925




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Crucial early work from British pianist Mike Taylor – an artist who gave the world two classic albums of avant jazz in the late 60s, worked famously with both Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce – then seemingly disappeared for the rest of his time on the planet!

This never-issued set predates all of Taylor's famous (and few) other recordings – and has Mike recorded in 1965 with a quartet that's brimming over with energy and new ideas – really leaping into the fray with the talents of drummer Jon Hiseman, who recorded the date – alongside bassist Tony Reeves, Taylor on piano, and Dave Tomlin on some superb soprano sax – used in an open, searching mode that's clearly inspired by John Coltrane, but with all this specific phrasing of his own that's totally great!

The album's maybe slightly more inside than Taylor's later work, with a definite modal vibe – and the set features the long titles "Half Blue", "Folk Dance #1", "Son Of Red Blues", and "Mandala" – plus a version of "Night In Tunisia".


  • Mike Taylor – piano
  • Dave Tomlin – soprano sax
  • Tony Reeves – bass
  • Jon Hiseman – drums

Recorded live on Friday, 8th January 1965, Westcliff-On-Sea, Southend.


  • 01.Son Of Red Blues
  • 02.Night In Tunisia
  • 03.Folk Dance #1
  • 04.Half Blue
  • 05.Mandala