Armando Sciascia

Music Of The Sea - Sea Fantasy (SIR017LP)

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Music Of The Sea - Sea Fantasy

Armando Sciascia



LPS 165011




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Scored by the legendary Italian film composer Armando Sciascia, Sea Fantasy is a conceptual suite of twelve exotic themes evoking the many moods and dramas of life under the sea. Recorded in 1972 for Sciascia’s own Vedette label, the album is a key recording within the micro-genre of Italian underwater library music. A mosaic of evocative modern classical, flamenco textures and a surge of raw analogue synthesizers.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. .Black Sand
  • A2. Surging Surf
  • A3. High Tide
  • A4. Mediterranean Sunset
  • A5. Tempest: Force 8
  • A6. Shipwreck
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Ocean Pollution
  • B2. Underwater Fantasy
  • B3. Moon On The Sea
  • B4. In The Ocean Depths
  • B5. Nostalgic SeaV
  • B6. Calm Sea