Scott DuBois

Summer Water (SSC4116)

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Summer Water

Scott DuBois



JZD 165052




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The third album in guitarist Scott DuBois' survey of the seasons is a story of both inverse relationships and connected themes.

Composed in a frigid Chicago winter, the album speaks of summer's warmth; shaped by symphonic inspirations and aspirations, the music surprisingly cuts the other way in featuring solo guitar without overdubs; and bent on creating a fluid context where river meets sea, the program offers a mirrored outlook that meets at the middle ("Storm Where The River Meets The Sea") and gifts the listener the opportunity to travel from either end of the running order.

As with DuBois' first two entries in this series—the quartet-based Winter Light and that ensemble's chamber-adorned Autumn Wind—this record scales an incredibly high bar in terms of calculation and creative scope.


  • Scott DuBois - solo guitar

Recorded in Chicago December 2019


  • 01. Into River Fog
  • 02. River Otters
  • 03. River Driftwood
  • 04. Summer Light on Rushing River
  • 05. River Before The Storm
  • 06. Storm Where The River Meets The Sea
  • 07. Sea Before The Storm
  • 08. Summer Light On Billowing Sea
  • 09. Sea Driftwood
  • 10. Sea Otters
  • 11. Into Sea Fog