Ohad Talmor

Mis En Place (CD 366)

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Mis En Place

Ohad Talmor



ITK 165683

CD 366



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Talmor has taken this album's title, Mise en place, from a French phrase often used to refer to the preparation and organization of all ingredients and implements ahead of cooking although, more pertinently, it's also a colloquial French term for rhythmic accuracy in jazz. A fluent, precise "time feel" is a prime trait of his trio with Okazaki and Weiss.The trio plays as one, lithe and muscular. "Despite the technical demands of these pieces," Talmor says, "our goal is to eschew stock licks, to really listen, to really improvise – to always be in the moment with the music.


  • Ohad Talmor - tenor saxophone, composition
  • Miles Okazaki - guitar
  • Dan Weiss - drums

New Jersey, January 8, 2020


  • 01. Kamali
  • 02. Mixo Mode 19
  • 03. Shymal Bose Chakradar
  • 04. Pairs
  • 05. Theme and Variations
  • 06. Wise One (John Coltrane)
  • 07. Rupak Tukra
  • 08. Back of the Plane
  • 09. After the Rain (John Coltrane)