Renee Rosnes

Kind of Love (MEMSSR2104)

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Kind of Love

Renee Rosnes

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Renee Rosnes has a reinvigorated appreciation for the many different shapes that love can take.

With her new album Kinds of Love, the Canadian pianist and composer reflects on the many forms of love in her own life — of a romantic partner, of family members, of nature, of the arts and of the close relationships she’s forged with fellow musicians.

Kinds of Love features an all-star quintet with saxophonist Chris Potter, bassist Christian McBride, drummer Carl Allen, and percussionist Rogério Boccato.

For many of them, the recording date was one of their first times back in a studio after the long silence of 2020. During that time, Rosnes had taken the opportunity to write a full album’s worth of original compositions with these particular musicians in mind.


  • Renee Rosnes - piano
  • Christian McBride - bass
  • Chris Potter - saxophone
  • Carl Allen - drums
  • Rogerio Boccato - percussion


  • 01. Silk
  • 02. Kinds of Love
  • 03. In Time Like Air
  • 04. The Golden Triangle
  • 05. Evermore
  • 06. Passing Jupiter
  • 07. Life Does Not Wait (A Vida Não Espera)
  • 08. Swoop
  • 09. Blessings in a Year of Exile