Reggie Andrews And The Fellowship

Mystic Beauty (MARREG011C)

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Mystic Beauty

Reggie Andrews And The Fellowship

Mad About Records


LPS 165871




LP 24,78 €

Mad About Records present a reissue of Reggie Andrews and The Fellowship's Mystic Beauty, originally released in 1969.

A mythical album on many jazz collector's want-lists, this LP was released in California on the extremely limited and sought-after private press label HME. It has deep Latin, Afro / Cuban influences, and consists primarily of acoustic jazz pieces.

Influences also range from the cerebral to the soulful, but it defies any one-dimensional tag like "spiritual jazz" or "soul-jazz" or "jazz-funk." Heralding from L.A. and led by pianist Reggie Andrews, it doesn't sound particularly "west coast". It's a beautiful session all around, really something special and profound.


  • J. Reginal Andrews - piano
  • Bruce Bondolone - tenor & alto sax
  • Gary Tosti - tenor & baritone sax
  • Mike Crawford - trumpet
  • Daryl Clayborne - bass
  • Mike Mc Cain - drums
  • Louie Palomo - congas


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Mystic Beauty
  • A2. Song For J
  • A3. Sir Lady
  • A4. Sweet Stuff
  • A5. Ah Na Na
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Chant
  • B2. The Debonaire
  • B3. Look Of Love
  • B4. Everyman's Brother