ICP Tentet

Tetterett w/ John Tchicai & Peter Brötzmann (WELLE119)

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Tetterett w/ John Tchicai & Peter Brötzmann

ICP Tentet

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Originally recorded and released in 1977, the Instant Composers Pool's Tetterettet is the first classic of the band's larger incarnations. Assembled out of elements recorded live in Uithoorn, Utrecht, and the band's home base of Amsterdam, with Misha Mengelberg using a cut-and-paste collage method akin to Teo Macero's work with Miles Davis, the record features an all-star lineup that added three leading lights of free music: bassist Alan Silva and saxophonists John Tchicai and Peter Brötzmann.


  • Gilius Van Bergeyk - alto sax, oboe
  • Peter Bennink - alto & sopranino sax
  • John Tchicai - alto & soprano sax
  • Peter Brötzmann - alto, tenor & baritone sax
  • Alan Silva - bass
  • Tristan Honsinger - cello
  • Han Bennink - drums, bass clarinet
  • Michel Waisvisz - electronic
  • Misha Mengelberg - piano
  • Bert Koppelaar - trombone

Recorded on 14-17 September 1977 in Uithoorn, Amsterdam and Utrecht.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Tetterettet V + VI
  • A2. Tetterettet IX
  • A3. Tetterettet XII
  • A4. Tetterettet XIV
  • A5. Tetterettet XV
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Alexander's Marschbefehl
  • B2. Rumboon
  • B3. Kwik Kwek Kwak
  • B4. Valse Trouvée
  • B5. Ludwig's Blue Note
  • B6. Dank