Viejas Raices

De las Colonias del Rio de la Plata (Limited Editi (ALT013)

De las Colonias del Rio de la Plata (Limited Editi Ver más grande


De las Colonias del Rio de la Plata (Limited Editi

Viejas Raices



LPS 166019




LP 22,30 €

lp with OBI and packaged in a resealable sleeve.

One of the coolest records we've ever heard from this legendary Argentine pianist – a set that has Jorge Lopez Ruiz playing lots of Fender Rhodes, and mixing it in with both rootsy Latin percussion and a number of other keyboards too!

The set's almost a South American version of some of Herbie Hancock's work with the Headhunters – with more traditional percussion passages in the mix, but blended with sounds that include Arp and mini-moog too – which gives the whole thing a criss-crossing vibe that alternates from the surface of the planet to the deeper ranges of the cosmos! Ruiz is wonderful throughout – often very spacious, in a thoughtful way that only makes each note have more power.


  • Jorge López Ruiz - bass, clavinet, organ, percussion, synthesizer
  • José Maria - bongos
  • Nene Gimenez - congas
  • Pocho Lapouble - drums, percussion
  • Matias Pizarro - piano, clavinet, synthesizer
  • Alejandra Martín - vocals


  • SIDE A
  • A1. O'Placar
  • A2. Para Nosotros Solamente
  • A3. Balewada
  • A4. Los Berugos Wor
  • SIDE B
  • B1. La Hora De La Sed Maldita
  • B2. El Viaje De Dumpty
  • B3. Eterna Presencia
  • B4. Mira Tú