Costa Blanca

Viaje a Prantia (Limited Gatefold Edition) (ALT014)

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Viaje a Prantia (Limited Gatefold Edition)

Costa Blanca



LPS 166601




LP 16,51 €

gatefold sleeve

Hailing from sun-bathed Alicante in the Spanish Levantine coast, Costa Blanca take the listener through a typical summer in the Mediterranean, from its blissful afternoons by the sea to galloping thunderstorms.

Somewhere in the shifting sands between jazz fusion and prog, Viaje a Prantia remains the sole recording of a band that became the epitome of the underground. Unruly, careless and lacking any kind of expectations - and yet, Costa Blanca left a lasting impression on those who saw them live.

A tale of what could have been, but just didn't happen: one of Spain's best jazz-rock bands of the 70s never had a proper breakthrough.


  • Napi Carratalá - guitar
  • Pedro Barceló - drums
  • Alain Fabrizio - alto & tenor sax
  • Chiqui Navarret - bass


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Viaje a Prantia
  • A2. El barón de Finestrat
  • SIDE B
  • B1. El caminito que no mola
  • B2. Tijal
  • B3. Cuando el coco se viste de gris