Tubby Hayes

The Complete Hopbine '69 (JIB-30-M-CD)

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The Complete Hopbine '69

Tubby Hayes

Jazz In Britain


DRJ 166668




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Previously only issued in fragmented form and long out of print, these recordings catch Hayes in transition. Less than a month after they were taped just before Christmas 1969, he was to collapse on a gig, signaling the beginning of the final phase of his tragically foreshortened career.

But on this night, buoyed and stimulated by his regular working quartet of pianist Mike Pyne, bassist Ron Mathewson and drummer Spike Wells, Hayes wasn't only on form he was on FIRE! Indeed, coming so close to the end of a decade in which his star had burned brighter than those of virtually any other figure on the UK jazz scene, it marks a fitting capstone to his most creatively fecund period.


  • Tubby Hayes (tenor saxophone)
  • Mick Pyne (piano)
  • Ron Mathewson (bass)
  • Spike Wells (drums)

The Hopbine, North Wembley, Tuesday December 23rd 1969


  • CD ONE
  • 01. For Members Only
  • 02. Off The Wagon
  • 03. Where Am I Going?
  • 04. What Is This Thing Called Love
  • CD TWO
  • 01. Mainly For The Don
  • 02. For Heaven's Sake
  • 03. Vierd Blues
  • 04. Walkin'