Omri Ziegele

Where's Africa - That Hat (CD 375)

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Where's Africa - That Hat

Omri Ziegele



ITK 166920

CD 375



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Under the band title Where's Africa Omri Ziegele has long played with Irène Schweizer. Now he presents That Hat, his second album in the trio formation with keyboarder Yves Theiler and drummer Dario Sisera. The three are interested in an Africa seen through the eyepiece of Central European musicians who know everything from jazz to rock.

“There are certain jazz recordings that have great appeal even for people who don’t consider themselves jazz aficionados: Memphis Underground by Herbie Mann, African Marketplace by Abdullah Ibrahim, Swiss Movement by Les McCann and Eddie Harris, Carla Bley’s Dinner Music. That Hat, the new album by Omri Ziegele’s trio Where’s Africa, may well find a place in this tradition”, writes Manfred Papst in the liner notes.


  • Omri Ziegele (alto saxophone, nai, vocals)
  • Yves Theiler (keyboards)
  • Daro Sisera (drums, percussion)

Recorded April 2, 3, 2021, at Hardstudios Winterthur


  • 01. Back Home
  • 02. That Hat
  • 03. Mother Is Always in Time
  • 04. Carpathian Folk Song
  • 05. Dying with the Wind
  • 06. Woke Up on the Other Side of My Heart
  • 07. You Know, I Don't Know, Nobody Knows
  • 08. Sunflowerpower