John Taylor

Requiem for a Dreamer (CAMJ 7834-2)

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Requiem for a Dreamer

John Taylor

CAM Jazz


ITF 125898

CAMJ 7834-2



Requiem for a Dreamer

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“Taylor's music creates its own atmosphere, a kind of stillness that draws you in, once you give it proper attention. His piano playing is full of subtleties – harmonic, rhythmic and dynamic – and the empathy with his long-standing partners, bassist Palle Danielsson and drummer Martin France, is little short of miraculous. This time they are joined by saxophonist Julian Argüelles, very much on the same wavelength. The result is seven pieces of jazz chamber music, inspired, Taylor says, by the novels of Kurt Vonnegut. It's quiet but intense, and unmistakably European in spirit.” - Dave Gelly, The Gaurdian

John Taylor, Piano
Julian Arguelles, Tenor and Soprano Saxophone
Palle Danielsson, Double Bass
Martin France, Drums

Recorded in Ludwigsburg Gemany on 12, 13, 14 December 2008 at Bauer Studios.

Track List:
1.    Requiem for a Dreamer
2.    Somebody I Used to Be
3.    Ice 9
4.    Unstuck in Time
5.    So it Goes
6.    Calypso 53
7.    Requiem 2
 Total time: 46:35