Modern Jazz Quartet, The

Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings (MD7-249)

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Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings

Modern Jazz Quartet, The

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Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings

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That sound. One group conceived it. Defined it. Perfected it. The Modern Jazz Quartet was certainly one of the most distinctive voices in the history of jazz, thanks to the unique qualities of personal expression and collective vision of its members Milt Jackson, John Lewis, Percy Heath and Connie Kay (who had replaced original drummer Kenny Clarke by the time the band started recording this music). They were also exceptionally prolific during their tenure at Atlantic Records, producing 14 albums in eight years. And now, that MJQ sound gets the complete respect it deserves, thanks to our new box, The Complete 1956-1964 Modern Jazz Quartet Atlantic Studio Recordings.
For each of the 14 albums included on this set, our audio expert Ron McMaster worked from original tapes in order to draw out the best sonic properties possible, and achieved his goal of revealing subtle nuances that matched MJQ's own attention to detail. Finally, recorded sound worthy of the music it’s reproducing.


For the purposes of this discography, only the first LP issue is included. The personnel on all sessions is Milt Jackson (vibraharp), John Lewis (piano), Percy Heath (bass) and Connie Kay (drums). Additional personnel are noted as they appear.

(A) NYC, January 22, 1956
(B) Hackensack, NJ, February 14, 1956
(C) Music Inn, Lenox, Mass., August 28, 1956
(D) NYC, April 4, 1957
(E) NYC, April 5, 1957
(F) add Jimmy Giuffre (cl, ts), Jim Hall (g), Ralph Pena (b).Music Inn, Lenox, Mass, August 24, 1957
(G) Music Inn, Lenox, Mass., August 3, 1958
(H) add Sonny Rollins (ts)Music Inn, Lenox, Mass, August 31, 1958
(I)  Music Inn, Lenox, Mass, August 22, 1959
(J) Music Inn, Lenox, Mass, August 25, 1959
(K) add Beaux Arts String Quartet: Gerard Tarack (1st violin),
Alan Martin (2nd violin), Carl Eberl (viola), Joe Tekula (cello). NYC, September 23, 1959
(L) NYC, December 21, 1959
(M) NYC, January 15, 1960
(N) add symphony orchestra conducted
by Werner Heider (-1) and Gunther Schuller (all others)
Stuttgart, Germany, June 3 & 4, 1960
(O) add Diahann Carroll (vcl). NYC, October 20, 1960
(P) NYC, January 22, 1962
(Q) NYC, January 23, 1962
(R) NYC, January 24, 1962
(S) NYC, January 25, 1962
(T) NYC, January 29, 1962
(U) NYC, February 2, 1962
(V) NYC, May 16, 1963
(W) NYC, May 17, 1963
(X) NYC, December 20, 1963
(Y) add Laurindo Almeida (g). NYC July 21, 1964
(Z) NYC, July 23 & 24, 1964                                            -
(AA) Webster Hall, NYC, April 22, 1965



01. Versailles (Porte de Versailles) (A)
02. Angel Eyes (A)
03. Fontessa (A)
04. Over The Rainbow (A)
05. Bluesology (B
06. Willow Weep For Me (A)
07. Woody ‘N You (A)

The Modern Jazz Quartet At The Music Inn

08. Oh Bess, Oh Where’s My Bess (C)
09.. A Fugue For Music Inn (C)
10. Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (C)
11. Serenade (C)
12. Fun (C)
13. Sun Dance (C)
14. The Man That Got Away (C)
15. A Morning In Paris (C)
16. Variation No.1 on God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman (C)


The Modern Jazz Quartet

01. Medley (E)
- They Say It’s Wonderful
- How Deep Is The Ocean
- (I Don’t Stand) A Ghost Of A Chance With You
- My Old Flame
- Body And Soul
02. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (E)
03. La Ronde: Drums (E)
04. A Night In Tunisia (E)
05. Yesterdays (E)
06. Bags’ Groove (E)
07. Baden-Baden (E)

One Never Knows (No Sun In Venice)

08. The Golden Striker (F)
09. One Never Knows (F)
10. The Rose Truc (F)
11. Cortege (F)
12. Venice (D)
13. Three Windows (F)


The Modern Jazz Quartet At The Music Inn Volume 2

01. Medley (G)
- Stardust
- I Can’t Get Started
- Lover Man
02. Yardbird Suite (G)
03. Midsummer (G)
04. Festival Sketch (G)
05. Bags’ Groove (H)
06. A Night In Tunisia (H)


07. Vendome (M)
08. Pyramid (L)
09. It Don’t Mean A Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing) (L)
10. Django (I)
11. How High The Moon (M)
12. Romaine (J)


Third Stream Music

01. Da Capo (F)
02. Fine (F)
03. Exposure (M)
04. Sketch (K)
05. Conversation (K)

The Modern Jazz Quartet And Orchestra

06. Around The Blues (N)
07. Divertimento (N)
08. England’s Carol (N)
09. First Movement (N)
10. Second Movement: Passacaglia (N)
11. Third Movement (N)


The Comedy

01. Spanish Steps (P)
02. Columbine (P)
03. Pulcinella (P)
04. Pierrot (Q)
05. La Cantatrice (O)
06. Harlequin (Q)
07. Piazza Navona (R)

Lonely Woman

08. Lonely Woman (S)
09. Animal Dance (T)
10. New York 19 (T)
11. Belkis (U)
13. Fugato (U)
14. Lamb, Leopard (U)
15. Trieste (R)


The Sheriff

01. The Sheriff (W)
02. In A Crowd (X)
03. Bachianas Brasileiras (V)
04. Mean To Me (V)
05. Natural Affection (V)
06. Donnie’s Theme (V)
07. Carnival (V)

A Quartet Is A Quartet Is A Quartet

08. Reunion Blues (W)
09. Winter Tale (W)
10. Concorde (W)
11. Yesterdays (W)

The Alternate Takes

12. Bluesology (B)
13. Woody ‘N You (A) (stereo take)
14. Sun Dance (C) (stereo take)
15. Django (I) (mono take)
16. La Cantatrice (O) (mono take)
17. Harlequin (Q) (mono take)



01. Silver (Y)
02. Trieste (Y)
03. Valeria (Y)
04. Fugue In A Minor (Y)
05. One Note Samba (Y)
06. Foi A Saudade (Y)
07. Concerto De Aranjuez (Y)

The Modern Jazz Quartet Plays George Gershwin’s Porgy And Bess

08. Summertime (Z)
09. Bess, You Is My Woman (AA)
10. My Man’s Gone Now (Z)
11. I Love You Porgy (Z)
12. It Ain’t Necessarily So (AA)
13. Oh Bess, O Where’s My Bess (AA)
14. There’s A Boat Dat’s Leavin’ Soon For New York (Z)