Various Artists

Busy Is Good (70's & 80's Jazz Funk) (BIG LP-001)

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Busy Is Good (70's & 80's Jazz Funk)

Various Artists

Big Nice

BIG LP-001

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BIG LP-001



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Busy is Good is an assemblage of rare-groove and jazz-funk cuts pulled from 45s of the 70s and 80s. A project that celebrates pure creative expression, these under-appreciated tracks reflect the individual efforts of artists both of their time and ahead of it; local legends who challenged convention and produced work steeped in ambition.

From the seductively smooth “Twilight,” by New York’s own Febop, to the blistering key breaks and infectious funk of Bob Payne’s “Side By Side”, this anthology highlights the fusions and crossovers that occurred in jazz, rock, funk and soul at the time. Buddy Emmer’s jazz-kissed breezer “That Summer Nite” and Forest’s synth-pumped AOR cut “Crazy Days” further traverse the many styles that bloomed in the 70s and 80


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Jim-Stick Revelation ...... Night Of The Witchdoctor
  • A2. Buddy Emmer ...... That Summer Nite
  • A3. Febop ...... Twilight
  • A4. Clarence Grant Orchestra ...... There Is A God
  • A5. Bob Payne ...... Side By Side
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Forest ...... Crazy Days
  • B2. Coal Kitchen ...... Bumpin In The Kitchen
  • B3. Hot Stuff ...... Hustle Bustle
  • B4. Love Machine ...... Tell Me
  • B5. Tell Tale ...... Another In The Closet