The Mallory-Hall Band

Song Of Soweto (Limited Edition) (OTR-015)

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Song Of Soweto (Limited Edition)

The Mallory-Hall Band

Outernational Sounds


LPS 168990




LP 22,30 €

The legendary South African group The Mallory-Hall Band is best known for their Song of Soweto album. It was never released anywhere outside of South African itself, and has been out of print since as far back as 1974. Now, it gets a proper reissue job from Outernational.

The all star cast of West Coast musicians who made up the band toured apartheid South Africa extensively in the mid-1970s so had some real fine playing chops, as you can hear. The 12-piece band for this session featured Kirk Lightsey and Black Jazz recording artist Rudolph Johnson alongside the usual members and is packed with upbeat township jazz.


  • Danny Cortez, Julius 'Billy' Brooks, Tommy 'Cab' Cortes - (trumpet, flugwlhorn)
  • George 'Buster' Cooper - (trombone)
  • Al Hall Jnr.- (trombone, percussion)
  • Marshall Royal - (alto sax, flute)
  • Rudolph Johnson - (tenor & soprano sax, flute)
  • Kirkland Lightsey - (keyboards)
  • Curtis Kirk - (drums)


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Song Of Soweto
  • A2. Hamba Samba
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Cape Town Blues
  • B2. Moroka Rock
  • B3. The African Night