Asha Puthli

The Essential (Limited Edition) (MRBLP226)

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The Essential (Limited Edition)

Asha Puthli

Mr Bongo Records


LPS 169073




LP 24,78 €


We can't think of many other performers like the singer/songwriter/ dancer/actress Asha Puthli who have excelled in such a broad range of genres. From 60s psych, Classical Indian music, Free Jazz, Pop, Soul, Disco, to Rock, the list goes on.

A 'best- of' or an 'essential collection' is always going to be a subjective thing, but for what is unbelievably the first official compilation covering the full breadth of Asha's illustrious career, we aimed to provide a snapshot into her ever- evolving musical journey and a tribute to the vast richness of her catalogue.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. The Savages & Asha Puthli ..... Pain
  • A2. Asha Puthli Accompanied By The Surfers ..... Sound Of Silence
  • A3. Asha Puthli Accompanied By The Surfers ..... Sunny
  • A4. Asha Puthli Accompanied By The Surfers ..... Fever
  • A5. Ornette Coleman ..... What Reason Could I Give
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Ornette Coleman ..... All My Life
  • B2. Charlie Mariano ..... Mirror
  • B3. Asha Puthli ..... Right Down Here
  • B4. Asha Puthli ..... Lies
  • B5. Asha Puthli ..... Devil Is Loos
  • SIDE C
  • C1. Asha Puthli ..... Space Talk
  • C2. Asha Puthli ..... One Night Affair
  • C3. Asha Puthli ..... I'm Gonna Dance
  • C4. Asha Puthli ..... Music Machine (Dedication To Studio 54)
  • C5. Asha Puthli ..... Peek-A-Boo-Boogie
  • SIDE D
  • D1. Asha Puthli ..... Mister Moonlight
  • D2. Asha Puthli ..... Prism Of The Sun (Song For Dieter)
  • D3. Asha Puthli ..... 1001 Nights Of Love (Reprise)
  • D4. Asha Puthli ..... We're Gonna Bury The Rock With The Roll Tonight
  • D5. Asha Puthli ..... Chipko Chipko