Miles Davis

Kind of Blue UHQR (45 RPM 200 Gram Clarity Vinyl) (AUHQR 0004-45)

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Kind of Blue UHQR (45 RPM 200 Gram Clarity Vinyl)

Miles Davis

Analogue Productions


LPS 169824

AUHQR 0004-45



LP 165,27 €

45 RPM double LP release limited to 25,000 copies

Ultra High Quality Record (UHQR) pressed on Clarity Vinyl


"Kassem's new edition-also stamped in an edition of 25,000 — is from the same master, pressed on the same type of vinyl (but not "hand pressed" this time, which actually results in greater pressing consistency, plus now there's a good chance everyone who orders will get their copy in a reasonable time period), packed in the same fancy box. The only difference is that the music is on two LPs, cut at 45rpm, meaning the grooves are much wider. All things equal, this should make for finer detail, an airier ambience, more lifelike sound generally. And that's what you get here. Take the passage from my Stereophile review and step it up a few notches: "finer touches...even more stunningly clear...still more layers...the ecstatic beauty..." Everything is more present, more brassy, woody, or metallic, depending on the instrument. There's a more palpable sense of a human being blowing through a mouthpiece, plucking a string, coaxing a keyboard, or tapping a snare drum. There is more of a sense that you are with the musicians in the studio. In short, take any account you've read-or any memory you treasure-of this album's sonic glories, and embellish every admiring adjective with more, more, better, better.


  • Julian Adderley - (alto sax)
  • Paul Chambers - (bass)
  • Jimmy Cobb - (drums)
  • Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly - (piano)
  • John Coltrane - (tenor sax)
  • Miles Davis - (trumpet)


  • LP ONE
  • A1. So What
  • B1. Freddie Freeloader
  • B2. Blue In Green
  • ________________________
  • LP TWO
  • C1. All Blues
  • D1. Flamenco Sketches