How Was Your Life (Limited Edition) (IMPTNC05)

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How Was Your Life (Limited Edition)




LPS 173195




LP 24,78 €

How Was Your Life? sees Bristol, UK producer Memotone step away, ever so slightly, from his usual ritualistic folktronics to take on something just as evocative - the sound of the great beyond. Off-planet noises and space-age atmospherics crafted with vintage kit, or near vintage in today's terms, the whole thing was inspired by the purchase of a Millennium-era guitar synth and built largely from studio improvisation.

The impact of circumstance and equipment is easy to hear, with limitations presented by the equipment helping in arranging the design of the tracks themselves, which have a sense of loose, transiency, flowing between experimental ambient moods, while elements also serve to introduce and retain structure, so we don't necessarily get lost while venturing deeper into these thick aural environments. With a back catalogue name checking imprints such as Black Acre and Accidental Meetings, not to mention providing source sounds to Batu's Timedance, all those elements are audible here but in totally unique ways.


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Paradise Drips
  • A2. Open World
  • A3. Forest Zone
  • A4. Glow In The Dark
  • SIDE B
  • B1. Carved By The Moon
  • B2. Canteen Sandwich
  • B3. Lonehead
  • B4. Walking Backwards