The Sound of Harry Whitaker (FSRCD 5034)

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The Sound of Harry Whitaker

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FSRCD 5034



The Sound of Harry Whitaker

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Recorded in New York and Jersey, 2001.


01. Our Day Will Come
02. The Fishin' Hole (Andy Griffith's Theme)
03. Equinox
04. Strangers In Paradise
05. Take Me Out To The Ball-Game
06. Moonlight In Vermont
07. Gal In Calico
08. More Than You Know
09. Wee

The sound of Harry Whitaker is, first and foremost, the sound of warmth and ease; a relaxed mastery that comes from decades of performing, writing and arranging in every conceivable style. From the glory days of bebop through to blues, R&B, pop, rock, and jazz, Harry has created his own brand of fusion, a welcoming sound that's uniquely his: straightforward, witty, and always swinging. Yet another "unsung hero" of jazz, Harry's been working steadily behind the scenes for 40 years, an now - to paraphrase the opening track - his day has come.

On this CD the trio creates a spontaneous, unrehersed set with the freshness of a live session. "We just went in and played," Harry says. "I like doing it moment-to-moment." It's obvious from the first track - a relaxed and swining Brazilian-flavoured "Our Day Will Come" - that he doesn't make the obvious choices in material or approach. Harry is also of the rare pianists who know how to play the spaces: he draws the most out of any melody without cluttering it up, and his unique harmonic sense adds unexpected spice.

And the best is yet to come. Always enjoyable, ever accessible, the sound of Harry Whitaker is the sound of history - and the sound of the future.