Franz Koglmann

L`Heure Bleue (OGY 571)

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L`Heure Bleue

Franz Koglmann



HAT 109491

OGY 571



L`Heure Bleue

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From the liner notes:

All of the music on L'Heure Bleue has aged well. Several jazz critics have cited the album as Koglmann’s best, and while I might disagree with such a ranking (how can there be a "best" that excludes the Pipetet?) I do think it speaks to the rarefied flow that is achieved in these performances, and to the way in which they cross lines (white and otherwise) that musicians from both Europe and the US have attempted to blur with greater frequency in the succeeding years. - Bob Blumenthal


Franz Koglmann (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Tony Coe (clarinet, tenor sax);
Burkhard Stangl (guitar)
Klaus Koch (bass);
Misha Mengelberg (piano)

Recorded  in Vienna, April 15-17, 1991


01. Leopard Lady
02. Moon Dreams
03. My Old Flame
04. Monoblue
05. Night and Day
06. Baite
07. It Ins't Easy
08. L'Heure Bleue
09. Slow Fox
10. For Bix
11. Blue Angel
12. Black Beauty
13. Nachts