Eric Revis

11:11 - Parallax (CF 266 CD)

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11:11 - Parallax

Eric Revis

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CF 266 CD



11:11 - Parallax

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Like what happened to other absurd walls, the one artificially dividing mainstream and avant-garde jazz is definitely destroyed by this superband reuniting the generous efforts of Eric Revis, Ken Vandermark, Jason Moran and Nasheet Waits. As if it wasn’t enough to be four of the best performers around in their respective instruments, they’re simultaneously the most innovative and the most true to the tradition among all of the present day jazzmen. A quartet like this comes directly from the dream world. It seemed impossible, but here it is, and making all the sense. Bassist Revis has an incredible curriculum of collaborations with Betty Carter, Branford Marsalis, Billy Harper, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Peter Brotzmann, McCoy Tyner, Elvins Jones and Lionel Hampton. Now he fronts 11:11, providing the most part of the compositions. Vandermark is the leading force of the Chicagoan free bop scene, mastering the grainiest tenor sax sound we can find in the States. Moran and Waits are accomplices in the group directed by the first, one of the bravest around: Bandwagon. The pianist has a remarkable history with the likes of Charles Lloyd, Wayne Shorter, Sam Rivers and Steve Coleman, and the drummer walked a similar path, from Max Roach M’Boom to his own projects, going through Andrew Hill. You can’t miss this album. It would be like not knowing what’s going on.


double bass
KEN VANDERMARK, tenor saxophone and clarinet

Recorded January 10th and 11th at Brooklyn Recordings by Katsuhiko Naito

01. Prelusion
02. Hyperthral
03. MXR
04. Split
05. I’m Going To Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter
06. Percival
07. Dark Net
08. Celestial Hobo
09. Edgar
10. IV
11. Winin’ Boy Blues
12. ENKJ
13. Parallax