Grachan Moncur III

Exploration (CAPRI 74068-2)

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Grachan Moncur III



CAP 112937

CAPRI 74068-2



CD 12,38 €

The American Jazz Institute Presents the new work from Grachan Moncur III Octet, featuring Tim Hagans, Billy Harper John Clark, Dave Woodley, Gary Betz, Gary Smulyan, Ray Drummond and Andrew Cyrille.

4 ****- DOWN BEAT
4 **** 1/2 - AMG

1. Exploration
2. Monk In Wonderland
3. Love And Hate
4. New Africa
5. When?
6. Frankenstein
7. Excursion
8. Sonny's Back!

Recorded at Bennett Studio, Englewood, New Jersey, on June 30, 2004.

"This recording marks the welcome return of one of the most original and distinctive voices of the early 1960s, a turbulent and exciting time in jazz. Mark Masters, who specializes in bringing to the fore the music of many deserving but overlooked artists, had long admired Moncur's Blue Note oeuvre. "The great thing about (Moncur's) music is its spaciousness," observes Masters. "It may seem deceptively simple, but when you put the melody and changes together, each piece has a life of its own. You can't take a formulaic approach."

- Ed Berger
Institute of Jazz Studies, Rutgers University
**** 1/2 All Music Guide
*** 1/2 Penguin Guide To Jazz