Bill Holman

The Fabulous (FSR 2219)

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The Fabulous

Bill Holman

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FSR 2219



The Fabulous

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BILL HOLMAN AND HIS OCTET: Don Fagerquist or Nick Travis, Bob Enevoldsen, Stu Williamson, Herb Geller, Bob Gordon, Curtis Counce or Max Bennett & Stan Levey.
1. Sparkle, 2. Tanglefoot, 3. Song Without Words, 4. Awfully Busy, 5. Plain Folks, 6. Back To Minors, 7. Cousin Jack, 8. On The Town, 9. Jughaid, 10. Locomotion.
Recorded in Hollywood, May 4 & August 2, 1954.
BILL HOLMAN AND HIS ORCHESTRA: Conte Candoli, Al Porcino, Stu Williamson, Harry Betts, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ray Sims, Herb Geller, Richie Kamuca, Charlie Mariano, Charlie Kennedy, Steve Perlow, Lou Levey, Max Bennett & Mel Lewis. 11. Airegin, 12. Evil Eyes, 13. You And I, 14. Bright Eyes, 15. Come Rain Or Come Shine, 16. The Big Street.
Recorded in Hollywood, April 25 & 29, 1957.

A collection of 16 tracks with popular tenor saxophonist and arranger Bill Holman with his octet (recorded in Hollywood, May 4 & August 2, 1954) and his orchestra (recorded in Hollywood, April 25 & 29, 1957).

"Bill Holman is one of the most amazing talents of this era. His music is natural; he tolerates no force or hostility in his jazz. He enjoys a unanimous affection from all in jazz, both musically and personally." - Stan Kenton