Ted Curson

Jubilant Power (IC 1017)

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Jubilant Power

Ted Curson

Inner City


ICJ 124052

IC 1017



Jubilant Power

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Ted Curson (tp,flhrn) on all tracks

[1-2] Chris Woods (as,fl), Nick Brignola (bs)
Andy LaVerne (p), David Friesen (b)
Steve McCall (d), Sam Jacobs (cga)
Concert, Philadelphia, PA, October 16, 1976

[3-6] Chris Woods (as,fl), Nick Brignola (bs)
Jim McNeely (p), David Friesen (b)
Bob Merigliano (d), Sam Jacobs (cga)
New York, October 17, 1976

Tracks: 1. Reava’s Waltz, 2. Ted’s Tempo, 3. Song Of The Lonely, 4. Airi’s Tune, 5. Searchin’ For The Blues, 6. Marjo

"Slashing, dynamite exchanges, and an intense approach make this the Curson to grab.

- Ron Wynns, All Music Guide