Vienna Art Orchestra

Artistry in Rhythm - a European Suite (TCB 01102)

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Artistry in Rhythm - a European Suite

Vienna Art Orchestra



TCB 115342

TCB 01102



Artistry in Rhythm - a European Suite

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No task is seemingly unattainable for this extremely versatile aggregation of musicians, who in the past have intermingled Strauss waltzes with modern jazz/big band-style arrangements amid other ambitious undertakings.
Recorded live in Switzerland, this 2001 release is all about bold, brassy, and highly charged horns atop fiery, or perhaps fusion-like, electrified guitar leads and funk/rock rhythms. Here, the band melds a Stan Kenton-style wall-of-sound with tricky time signatures and brazen horn charts as the orchestra embarks upon 15 variations dedicated to 15 European capital cities. Overall, there is quite a bit to digest within these 77 minutes of music and with this release, the listener will be treated to impassioned soloing, boisterous interplay, numerous twists, turns, and sinuous rhythmic developments. Simply stated, the Vienna Art Orchestra represents one of Europe's most exhilarating outfits.