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Tin Hat - the Rain Is a Handsome Animal (74976)

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Tin Hat - the Rain Is a Handsome Animal

Carla Kihlstedt

New Amsterdam


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Tin Hat - the Rain Is a Handsome Animal

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The music of Tin Hat is born of long-standing friendships and deep musical connections. It is subtle, introspective and generous, with the uncanny ability to be melancholy and joyful, sprightly and sinister. Collectively, the group's writing focuses on evocative melodies, subtle textures and elegant arrangements, moving through the musical languages of folk, classical, Americana, and countless others. "E. E. Cummings' language straddles the same aesthetic worlds as Tin Hat's music," says violinist Carla Kihlstedt, whose remarkable singing is at the center of the group's latest project, The Rain is a Handsome Animal: an album of songs using Cummings's visionary modernist poetry as lyrics. "He moves between folk rhythms and a more abstract approach -- very similar to the musical terrain of Tin Hat."

Tin Hat    Primary Artist, Indexed Contributor, Ensemble
James Gregg trumpet
Andy Harris trombone, euphonium
Carla Kihlstedt    vocals
Jen Harrison French horn
Mark Vehrencamp tuba
Marilyn de Oliveira cello
Megan Orton violin

Track Listing
1. A Cloud on a Leaf
2. The Rain Is a Handsome Animal
3. Sweet Spring
4. If Up's the Word
5. Open His Head
6. Unchanging
7. Buffalo Bill
8. The Enormous Room
9. So Shy Shy Shy
10. 2 Little Whos
11. Yes Is a Pleasant Country
12. Grapefruit
13. Human Rind
14. Anyone Lived in a Pretty How Town
15. Diminutive
16. Little I
17. Now (More Near Ourselves Than We)