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The Dreamers (TZ 7366)

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The Dreamers

John Zorn



TZA 118855

TZ 7366



The Dreamers

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Personnel: John Zorn (as), Marc Ribot (g), Jamie Salt (p), Kenny Wolsen (vib), Trevor Dunn (b), Joey Baron (d) & Cyro Bapista (percussion). Tracks: 1. Mow Mow, 2. Uluwati, 3. A Ride On CottonFair, 4. Anulikwutsayl, 5. Toys, 6. Of Wonder And Certainty, 7. Mystic Circle, 8. Nekashim, 9. Exodus, 10. Forbidden Tears, 11. Raksasa.

Recorded: Sept 2007 at Eastside Sound, New York.

“John Zorn is capable of a coarse and brazenly puckered timbre on alto saxophone, and he long ago mastered its use as a sort of serrated blade in musical form. On the CD a snappy jazz waltz for acoustic piano, bass and drums, with frisky forays into common meter, uncannily evoke the Vince Guaraldi Trio.”
The New York Times