Daniele D`Agaro

Chicago Overtones (OGY 613)

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Chicago Overtones

Daniele D`Agaro



HAT 120205

OGY 613



Chicago Overtones

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From the liner notes:

For a couple of years, D’Agaro has been regularly boarding planes destined for Chicago – thanks to John Corbett and Art Lange, whose good offices have sprouted collaborations between European musicians and exponents of the Chicago scene, which for about a decade has been bursting with new activities. ... It was Fred Anderson who drew D’Agaro’s attention to drummer Robert Barry ... The other members of D’Agaro’s quartet, trombonist Jeb Bishop and bassist Kent Kessler, are among the heavyweights of the Chicago scene -  Tom Gsteiger

Daniele D'Agaro (tenor sax, clarinet); Jeb Bishop (trombone); Kent Kessler (double bass); Robert Barry (drums)

Recorded in Chicago, February 21, 2004.