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All Night Wrong

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Guitar hero Allan Holdsworth often performs with his peers. Such is the case with this live setting recorded at a venue in Japan during a 2002 tour.

On this release, the guitarist leads a trio featuring longtime musical associates, drummer Chad Wackerman, and bassist Jimmy Johnson. To that end, the respective musicians' talents are well-known entities.

Wackerman and Johnson can handle the trickiest time signatures imaginable. Along with the nimble flexibilities and odd-metered excursions witnessed here, they exude a force of power that serves as a meaty foundation for Holdsworth's mighty licks.

A wonderfully recorded album, Holdsworth's climactically driven legato-based riffs are intact, as he also implements jazzy chord voicings and delicately stated fabrics of sound. But the trio raises the ante throughout many of these pieces, awash with moments of nuance and controlled firepower.

In sum, Holdsworth's legion of followers should be pleased with a recording that should rank among his finest efforts to date.


1 Lanyard Loop Holdsworth 5:46
2 The Things You See Holdsworth 6:53
3 Alphrazallan Holdsworth 7:04
4 Funnels Holdsworth 5:01
5 Zone Holdsworth 9:19
6 Water on the Brain, Pt. 2 Holdsworth 5:30
7 Above & Below Holdsworth 8:21
8 Gas Lamp Blues Holdsworth 7:59