Yeahwon Shin

Lua Ya (ECM 2337)

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Lua Ya

Yeahwon Shin



ECM 138608

ECM 2337



CD 13,21 €

Lua Ya, ECM debut of Korean singer Yeahwon Shin is a gently undulating album of songs, with a strong and subtle improvised component. These are songs remembered, discovered and invented by Yeahwon and her distinguished accompanying musicians, pianist Aaron Parks and accordionist Rob Curto, drawing both on childhood memories and the spirit of the moment. The album’s development has been fortuitous. The impetus for “Lua ya” came originally out of an Aaron Parks session. Yeahwon had come along as a visitor to Mechanics Hall, near Boston, where producer Sun Chung was recording a solo album with Parks (“Arborescence”, due for imminent release on ECM). The rich resonance of the sound in the room encouraged her to think about how a piano/voice duet might sound there, and in experimental mood decided to test it. Yeahwon and Aaron hadn’t played together previously, but found an instant musical connection. When Yeahwon spontaneously launched into a melody from her childhood, Aaron, hearing the song for the first time, intuitively rocked it in a careful cradle of chords. The unorthodox musical potential evident to both of them, they pledged to return and explore it further. When they came back to Mechanics Hall five months later, they brought with them accordionist Rob Curto. In tune with Yeahwon’s musical sensibilities, Curto frequently makes the exhalations of his accordion seem like an extension of her voice…


ROB CURTO, accordion

Recorded May 2012 / Mechanics Hall, Worcester MA


01 Lullaby
02 Moving Clouds
03 Island Child
04 Mysteries
05 The Moonwatcher And The Child
06 The Orchard Road
07 Remembrance
08 Beads Of Rain
09 A Morning Song
10 Travel Blue
11 Beads Of Rain, var
12 The Orchard Road, var
13 Sunrise