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Jazz Soundtracks (C-76)

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Jazz Soundtracks

Attila Zoller



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Jazz Soundtracks

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Collection of previously unreleased soundtrack recordings, produced 1962-67 in a Berlin studio. Soulful jazz from the arthouse films of Hansjürgen Pohland improvised directly in front of the screen by Hungarian-born guitarist Attila Zoller (1927-1998) and his musicians! Few Europeans have influenced the international jazz scene as impressive as the Hungarian-born guitarist Attila Zoller.

The music for Pohland`s movies was played by Zoller and his sidemen directly in front of the screen and recorded by technicians. Before the tapes should disappear for almost five decades, Pohland used them for post-production. It is thanks to Berlin-based photographer, actor and jazz lover Jan George that the recordings are not lost. Although Pohland archived the tapes at first, they were later left as garbage on the road by transporters who moved his stuff from Berlin to Munich. There the reels were discovered by Pohlands friend Jan George, who kept the treasure in his crates until the digital transfer in 2012.

Recorded in Berlin 1962-67


  • 01. Pilenz (Original)
  • 02. Cold Fusion (Short)
  • 03. Hedwig's Arrival
  • 04. Family Bricks
  • 05. Mousetip Strut
  • 06. Light Wind
  • 07. Mahlke (Original)
  • 08. Road Song (Original)
  • 09. Minesweeper
  • 10. Cold Fusion (Long)
  • 11. Adam's Apple
  • 12. Hedwig's Departure