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Double Exposure (5165)

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Double Exposure

Joe Chambers



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Double Exposure

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This is an unusual date. Joe Chambers, best known as a drummer, is heard on piano on four of these six tracks (including a fine effort on an unaccompanied version of "After the Rain"). The other selections are duets with the great organist Larry Young who would pass away four and a half months later. The music is somewhat adventurous with Chambers as the lead voice on the numbers on which he plays piano; the final two performances are organ-drum duets that put more of an emphasis on Young's unique sound. This interesting session has some surprising music.


  • Joe Chambers - piano, drums
  • Larry Young - organ

New York, November 16, 1977


  • SIDE A
  • A1. Hello to the Wind
  • A2. The Orge
  • A3. Mind Rain
  • SIDE B
  • B1. After the Rain
  • B2. Message from Mars
  • B3. Rock Pile