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Mike Stern

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On his latest recording, Eclectic, Stern goes toe-to-toe with Texas guitar slinger Eric Johnson in a scintillating, six-string summit meeting that is manna for guitar aficionados. And as the title suggests, these two modern day guitar heroes cut a wide stylistic swath on eleven originals while showcasing their mutual love of Hendrix on the iconic blues, “Red House.” Unlike his previous recording,

All Over the Place, which featured a sprawling cast of characters, Eclectic was recorded in three days at Johnson’s studio in Austin with a core group of the two celebrated guitarists, bassist Chris Maresh and drummer Anton Fig (with only a few selected guests, including Mike’s wife Leni Stern on n’goni and vocals and singer-songwriter Christopher Cross on backing vocals). “My records lately have been with a whole bunch of different people, but this was really cool to just have one group and barely add any overdubs,” says Stern. “It was really kind of live, which I have always liked to do. We just set up and played. And because it was Eric’s studio, no one was looking at the clock. So the record really went down fast, but we had plenty of time to do it.”


ERIC JOHNSON, guitars , piano, vocal
MIKE STERN, guitars, vocal
ANTON FIG, drums


01. Roll With It
02. Rememeber
03. Benny Man’s Blues
04. Wishing Well
05. Big Foot
06. Tidal
07. You Never Know
08. Dry ice
09. Sometimes
10. Hullabaloo
11. Wherever You Go
12. Red House