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Dion McGregor Dreams Again (TZ 7404)

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Dion McGregor Dreams Again

Dion McGregor



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TZ 7404



Dion McGregor Dreams Again

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Dion McGregor dreams out loud, and his dreams are not very pretty. Tzadik invites you to eavesdrop on the horror in Dion McGregor’s mind. In 1964 ten of Dion’s tape-recorded dreams were released on album and quickly dropped out of print. This CD is it’s sequel, drawn from the same source material – the spoke-aloud dreams of Dion McGregor as taped by his roommate Michael Barr between 1961 and 1967. Documented with extensive photos and a long essay by Dion scholar Phil Milstein, this is the ultimate document of the creativity of the human subconscious. A modern masterpiece.



01. The Flight
02. A City So Nice
03. Little Willie Song
04. Wha Deboha Yo Yah
05. Dumb Fart
06. The C.L. Contest
07. The Collection
08. Cup Your Spoon
09. The Wagon
10. Jack Paar Show
11. Tattoo
12. Ass Bit
13. What A Woman
14. The Great Waltz Party