Russell Garcia

Fantastica + Project: Comstock (BMCD 871)

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Fantastica + Project: Comstock

Russell Garcia

Blue Moon


ABS 149003

BMCD 871



Fantastica + Project: Comstock

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2 LPs ON 1 CD

Reunited here on CD are the two masterpieces of “Music from Outer Space,” two legendary albums that bring you the music of whirling satellites, brilliant galaxies, streaming comets, mysterious planets, and the eerie reaches of space in-between, all in spectacular stereo sound.


[1-12] from the album FANTASTICA-MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE (Liberty LST-7005)
The orchestration, alongside more traditional instruments like woodwinds, trombones, French horns, tuba, harp, vibes, and percussion, includes a series of electronic devices and effects, among them a sine wave generator.
Recorded at Liberty Studios, Hollywood, December 21 & 23, 1957

[13-24] from the album PROJECT: COMSTOCK-MUSIC FROM OUTER SPACE (Warner Bros WS-1463)
Collective personnel includes: Dick Nash, Joe Howard, Dick Noel, George Roberts (tb);Ronnie Lang, Gene Cipriano, Mahlon Clark, Jerome Kasper, Chuck Gentry (sax);Paul Tanner (electric-theremin); Buddy Cole (org); Allan Reuss, Toni Rizzi (g); Ann Mason Stockton (harp); Rolly Bundock (b); Dale Anderson (d); Dick Shananan (perc).
Recorded at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, April, 1962.


01. Into Space
02. Nova (Exploding Star)
03. Lost Souls of Saturn
04. Monsters of Jupiter
05. Water Creatures of Astra
06. Venus
07. Red Sands of Mars
08. Goofy Peepl of Phobos
09. Volcanoes of Mercury
10. Birth of a Planet
11. Frozen Neptune
12. Moon Rise
13. Out of This World
14. Stella by Starlight
15. A Journey to a Star
16. DeepNight
17. FromAnotherWorld
18. Galaxy
19. Out of Space
20. On the Dark Side of the Moon
21. When You Wish Upon a Star
22. Journey to Infinity
23. Stairway to the Stars
24. The Moon is Blue