Raphael Vanoli

Bibrax (SHH 031 CD)

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Raphael Vanoli



FEE 150905

SHH 031 CD



CD 12,39 €


With the new “Bibrax”, guitarist Raphael Vanoli seems committed to subvert one of the most basic premises of our interpretation of reality, the proportional sequenciality of the relations between cause and effect. The sounds we hear are affirmative, composed, sometimes even inordinate, making us imagine a physical delivery and a gestuality with dramatic, theatrical, dimension. Wrong: the modus operandi is another thing completely. The fingers only brush the strings, percuting it very slightly, with the weight of a feather (when it’s not really a feather being used), due to the circumstance that the guitar is hiper-amplified. Everything done to it, even the most diminutive intervention, results in occurrences with huge volume and also in harmonics of intrincate complexity.

RAPHAEL VANOLI, electric guitar


01. 99
02. Schicht
03. Lenz
04. Sandor
05. Perrine
06. Carlos
07. Eli
08. Enzo
09. Greg