Caterina Palazzi

Sudoku Killer - Asperger (JAZZ)

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Sudoku Killer - Asperger

Caterina Palazzi

Clean Feed


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"Each composition in "Asperger" is a suite inspired by one bad character of the movies produced by Disney, and like the previous "Infanticide" the purpose is to destroy the childhood vision that the good personalities always wins, something that reality constantly denies in the adult world - and yes, she's mentioning the usual suspects. More than that, the Italian double bassist and composer affirms explicitly that "the figure of the bad guy becomes charming, and not scary anymore". At least for some. Because of that, what seems obvious can be controversial, but that kind of conflitual attitude is natural for someone who comes from a punk rock band, The Barbie Killers. Someone who later filled jazz with noise and psychedelic harmonies. Palazzi's project Sudoku Killer is usually labeled as a noise-jazz group, but you can also find in the music of this new album aspects of post-rock and of the soundtrack writing for cinema, at least when you're not confronted with the riffs of themost explicit stoner subgenre. The atmospheres are dark and disturbing, but also sexy and minucious, to repeat terms used by the specialized press. Defying music for unquiet souls, it's what you have here..."-Clean Feed


CATERINA PALAZZI, double bass, compositions
SERGIO POMANTE, tenor saxophone
ANTONIO RAIA, tenor saxophone

Recorded at LRS Factory, in Rome, Italy, in August, 2017.


01. Grimilde (From Snow White)
02. Jasper and Horace (From 101 Dalmatians)
03. Maleficent (From Sleeping Beauty)
04. Edgar The Butler (From Aristocats)
05. Medusa (From The Rescuers)