Stephen Rush

Naked Dance! Something Nearby (JAZZ)

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CD LR 834

Naked Dance! Something Nearby

Stephen Rush

Leo Records


LEO 154341



CD 10,74 €

Naked Dance is the child of Stephen Rush which was founded with the idea of playing without a bass. This album is Naked Dance's third attempt and includes a bass player. All compositions are by Stephen Rush and range from New Orleans street music to open graphic scores (Time Cycles). The album includes multiple "realizations" or takes of Stephen's piece "Time Cycles" which is a graphic score study with ovals and circles laid over staves — open to interpretations by musicians. Jeremy Edwards — drums, Andrew Bishop — clarinet and base clarinet, Tim Flood — bass, synthesizer, Davy Lazar — trumpet. Stephen Rush plays piano, rhodes, micromoog, trombone and euphonium.


STEPHEN RUSH, piano, rhodes, micromoog, trombone, and euphonium
ANDREW BISHOP, clarinet and bass clarinet
TIM FLOOD, bass, synthesizer
DAVY LAZAR, trumpet


01. Something Nerby
02. Time Cycle 0
03. Time Cycle 2
04. Time Cycle 3
05. Four Uncles
06. Time Cycle 5
07. Simple Subtraction
08. See ya!
09. Time Cycle 9
10. Time Cycle 6
11. Ninth Ward From The Sun
12. Time Cycle 4