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Jazz Brazil (Gatefold Edition) (101015)

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Jazz Brazil (Gatefold Edition)

Various Artists

New Continent


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The Bossa Nova style originated in Brazil in the late 1950s. As many American jazz stars toured South America during those years, bossa slowly became known in the United States. However, in early 1962 Stan Getz recorded a couple of albums combining bossa with jazz that unexpectedly became top-sellers. As a result, a bossa nova craze developed and nearly every jazz star recorded his/her own bossa nova album, or at least included a couple of bossas in their LPs or concerts.

This collection presents a comprehensive selection of original recordings of bossa nova songs, including versions by the Brazilian masters themselves, as well as those by renowned jazz artists, and collaborative efforts between American and Brazilian stars.


01. Desafinado
02. Loie
03. Se É Tarde, Me Perdoa
04. Vento Fresco
05. SAmba De Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba)
06. Tristeza De Nós Dois
07. Silvia
08. Meditaçao

01. Nós E O Mar
02. Um Abraço No Bonfá (An Embrace To Bonfá)
03. Disa
04. Manha De Carnaval
05. Pela Luz Dos Olhos Teus
06. Samba De Uma Nota Só (One Note Samba)
07. A Felicidade
08. Desafinado