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Art Tatum-Ben Webster (Mini-LP Replica) (81257)

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Art Tatum-Ben Webster (Mini-LP Replica)

Art Tatum

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This is nearly the only existing collaboration between Art Tatum and Ben Webster. Their only other recordings together consist of four short tunes from the radio show “The New World A-Coming”, Program #17, recorded in New York on June 25, 1944. However, even though both Tatum and Webster are present on the radio show, the music it yielded doesn’t even begin to display the magic that they would create a dozen years later for their lone studio session on September 11, 1956. We are deeply indebted to Norman Granz, who was responsible for this session taking place. At the beginning of the 1950s, Tatum’s music style was beginning to be considered a bit outdated compared to the sound of Bud Powell, Thelonious Monk and the rest of the modern players. Thus, it was more difficult for him to find record contracts. Granz sought to rectify this gross oversight by offering Tatum the opportunity to record extensive sessions, both as a solo pianist and in the company of other outstanding jazz figures like Benny Carter, Lionel Hampton, Buddy DeFranco, Buddy Rich and, of course, the great Ben Webster. “I think”, Granz wrote, “if I am ever remembered for any meaningful contribution to jazz it was presenting permanently for the future the incredible artistry of the greatest instrumental soloist in the history of jazz, Art Tatum”. And from the amazingly extensive body of Granz-Tatum tapes, the session with Ben Webster was perhaps the highest point.


ART TATUM, piano
BEN WEBSTER, tenor sax

Recorded in Los Angeles, California, September 11, 1956.


Track 11-14: BEN WEBSTER-TEDDY WILSON Quartet:

BEN WEBSTER, tenor saxophone
RAY BROWN, bass,
JO JONES, drums

New York, March 30, 1954.

Track 15: ART TATUM (solo piano).

Recorded in Los Angeles, December 29, 1953.


01. All The Things You Are
02. Gone With The Wind
03. Have You Met Miss Jones?
04. Night And Day
05. Where Or When
06. My Ideal
07. My One And Only Love
08. Gone With The Wind [Alt Tk 1]
09. Have You Met Miss Jones? [Alt Tk]
10. Gone With The Wind [Alt Tk 2]
11. My Funny Valentine
12. You’Re Mine, You !*
13. Sophisticated Lady*
14. Love’S Away*
15. All The Things You Are*