Cyrille Aimee

Move On - A Sondheim Adventure (MAC 1144)

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Move On - A Sondheim Adventure

Cyrille Aimee

Mack Avenue


MAC 156145

MAC 1144



CD 12,38 €

The genius of Stephen Sondheim stems from the revered composer’s ability to plumb universal human emotions even in the form of the most outré characters – be they cannibalistic barbers, presidential assassins, or fairy tale witches. The acclaimed vocalist Cyrille Aimée discovered that gift first-hand as she took a deep dive into the Sondheim songbook for her scintillating new album, Move On: A Sondheim Adventure. What began as a celebration of a legendary Broadway songwriter became a work of cathartic autobiography as one song after another captured her deepest personal feelings.

“I get goosebumps just thinking about it,” Aimée says. “At the moment that I was working on this album I was going through a lot of life changes. The more I listened to the songs, the more I realized they were really connected to what I was going through. At a very rough time, these songs were saving me.”

01 When I Get Famous (Intro)
02 Take Me To The World
03 Love, I Hear
04 Loving You
05 Marry Me A Little
06 Being Alive
07 So Many People
08 Not While I'm Around
09 They Ask Why I Believe in You
10 No One Is Alone
11 Un Baiser d’Adieu (One More Kiss)
12Move On