Becoming Quintet

One-Track Mind (PR8192)

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One-Track Mind

Becoming Quintet



POS 156284




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Posi-Tone Records unveils the carefully curated debut recording of the Becoming Quintet and keeps their musical message focused on evolving the expression of their One-Track Mind. This novel project features the individual talents of five emerging artists with cohesive camaraderie who are focused on creating a series of meaningfully fresh musical presentations. Each member of the group (trumpeter Eric Wortzman, saxophonist Markus Howell, pianist Luther Allison, bassist Liany Mateo and drummer Zach Adleman) brings a tremendous and unique talent to the collective, and each one also contributes an individual musical statement to the program. Everything is meant to entertain and delight, and a splendid time is guaranteed for all!


  • MARKUS HOWELL, alto sax
  • ERIC WORTZMAN, trumpet
  • LUTHER MATEO, bass
  • LIANY MATEO, bass
  • ZACH ADLEMAN, drums

New York, June 25, 2018.


  • 01. Free Time
  • 02. One-Track Mind
  • 03. Here She Comes
  • 04. One-Sided Love Affair
  • 05. I Owe It All To You
  • 06. Twisting & Turning
  • 07. Onward
  • 08. Indestructible
  • 09. Last Smile
  • 10. That Uncle G Thang
  • 11. Stay Awhile