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Different Flavors (PR8200)

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Different Flavors

Out To Dinner



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Listeners everywhere are invited to join the fun with the Out To Dinner band and audition a variety of their Different Flavors. Our trusty producer Marc Free continues on an ambitious course of cooking up a visionary series of demand building releases. This latest project features a musical menu of inspired presentations from a curated group with unique instrumentation. It also prompts listeners to expand their sonic palettes to include this adventurous exploration of the jazz genre. This engagingly enjoyable album is a stellar quintet date featuring front line performances from vibraphonist Behn Gillece, trombonist Michael Dease and saxophonist Tim Green moving freely over the solid harmonic foundation of bassist Boris Kozlov and the explosive metrics of drummer Rudy Royston. With the menu full of Different Flavors, we are confident that the collaborative journey of Out To Dinner will bring delight to the ears of every jazz fan and hopefully encourage navigation steadily away from the known and familiar and towards the uncharted depths of modern collective improvisation.


  • MICHAEL DEASE, trombone
  • BEHN GILLECE, vibes
  • TIM GREEN, alto sax
  • BORIS KOZLOV, bass
  • RUDY ROYSTON, drums

New York, September 9, 2018.


  • 01. Day Zero
  • 02. Magic Square
  • 03. Blue Sojourn
  • 04. Skittles
  • 05. Night Glow
  • 06. Pay the Piper
  • 07. Rio
  • 08. Spun Around
  • 09. Grave Concerns
  • 10. Two Down