Ilia Belorukov

Disquiet W/ Gabriel Ferrandini (CF 521 CD)

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Disquiet W/ Gabriel Ferrandini

Ilia Belorukov

Clean Feed


FEE 157517

CF 521 CD



CD 12,39 €


There’s souls in the world who, no matter the distance between them, seem destined to meet: alto saxophonist Ilia Belorukov is from Saint Petersburg and drummer Gabriel Ferrandini has Lisbon as his home. Their respective backgrounds, their cultures and the music scenes they belong to couldn’t be more different, and yet, they’re soul brothers. Yes, they share the same disquietness announced by the title of this album, but that’s only the manifestation of something more deep in both of them: their common aloofness to the notion that an artist has to express himself or herself inside tight frames, those of a genre, an aesthetic current, a style.


  • ILIA BELORUKOV, alto saxophone
  • GABRIEL FERRANDINI, drums and percussion

Saint-Petersburg, December 18-19, 2017.


  • 01. Without Facts
  • 02. The Big Passages
  • 03. Fragmented Matte
  • 04. Fictions Of An Interlude
  • 05. Two Notes