Orrin Evans

The Intangible Between (SSR2003CD)

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The Intangible Between

Orrin Evans

Smoke Sessions


SMK 160356




CD 14,03 €

Featuring both taut, keenly focused ensemble playing and raucous, spirited soloing, The Intangible Between reflects the ever-growing chemistry of the core ensemble while celebrating bandleader Evans’ open-door policy toward collaborators new and old. The rotating cast of players, while maintaining the more compact scale introduced on the band’s last album, the Grammy-nominated Presence, also features first-time members alongside veterans that joined the ranks in its earliest days and special guests whose collaborations with Evans stretch back over many years and diverse groups.

From trumpeter Sean Jones, with whom Evans has played for well over a decade, and Eric Revis to bassist Dylan Reis, a young bass protégé, to bandmates making strides in the jazz scene after being nurtured by Evans early in their career in Philly and beyond – drummers Anwar Marshall and Mark Whitfield Jr., saxophonists Immanuel Wilkins, Troy Roberts and Caleb Wheeler Curtis, and bassist Luques Curtis, among others – the band speaks with a loud, unified and infectious voice throughout The Intangible Between.


  • Orrin Evans: piano
  • Luques Curtis: bass
  • Eric Revis: bass
  • Madison Rast: bass
  • Mark Whitfield Jr.: drums
  • Anwar Marshall: drums
  • Thomas Marriott: trumpet
  • Josh Lawrence: trumpet
  • Sean Jones: trumpet
  • Caleb Wheeler Curtis: saxophone, alto
  • Troy Roberts: saxophone
  • Immanuel Wilkins: saxophone
  • Todd Bashore: saxophone, alto
  • David Gibson: trombone
  • Stafford Hunter: trombone
  • Reggie Watkins: trombone
  • Stacy Dillard: saxophone
  • Jason Brown: drums
  • Joseph Block: keyboards
  • Dylan Reis: bass


  • 01. Proclaim Liberty
  • 02. This Little Light of Mine
  • 03. A Time for Love
  • 04. That Too
  • 05. Off Minor
  • 06. Into Dawn
  • 07. Tough Love
  • 08. I’m So Glad I Got to Know You