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The Minimalism of Erik Satie (OGY 671)

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The Minimalism of Erik Satie

Vienna Art Orchestra



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OGY 671



The Minimalism of Erik Satie

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This is starting to look like the year of Erik Satie . How else could there be two magnificent albums dedicated to his music? The first was Dan Willis and Velvet Gentlemen's The Satie Project (Daywood Drive Records, 2010), while this rerelease of 1984's classic, The Minimalism of Erik Satie, features Mathias Rüegg's large ensemble tribute to the late-19th/early 20th Century French composer. Both albums are unique: Willis' essentially transposing for reeds and an ensemble slightly larger than a quartet, playing Satie almost as written, but with occasional spiraling cadenzas. Rüegg's Satie goes somewhat further. Most of the music takes off from Satie compositions, then veering off into a dreamy kind of reflection that is both a composition in itself and masterful journey into Satie; a kind of reimagining that Rüegg chose for his brilliant ensemble, the Vienna Art Orchestra. - Raul D'Gama Rose, All About Jazz


Lauren Newton,voice
Karl Fian, trumpet, flugelhorn
Hannes Kottek, trumpet, flugelhorn
Christian Radovan, trombone
John Sass, tuba
Harry Sokal, soprano and tenor sax, flute
Wolfgang Puschnig, bass calrinet, alto and sopranino sax, flute
Roman Schwaller, tenor sax, clarinet
Woody Schabata, vibes
Wolfgang Reisinger, gongs, kalimba, tarabuka, triangle
Ima, tambura
Mathias Ruegg, leader, conductor, arranger

Recorded in Vienna, September 20-22, 1983 & March 14, 1984.


01. Reflections On Aubade
02. Reflections On Méditation
03. Reflections On Sévère Réprimande
04. Reflections On Idylle
05. Gnossienne No. 3
06. Reflections On Gnossienne No. 2
07. Reflections On Gnossienne No. 1
08. Satie Ist Mir Im Traum 3 x Nicht Erschienen
09. Vexations 1801
10. Vexations 1611
11. Vexations: 2105.