Tomeka Reid

Combinations w/ Joe Morris (JAZZ)

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Combinations w/ Joe Morris

Tomeka Reid

Rogue Art


RGT 161137



CD 12,38 €

Joe Morris and Tomeka Reid offer a few new “standards” that are the fulcrum between a set of prepared instrument pieces where it is difficult to recognize either instrument and attention is absorbed by the overall density and character of sound, and a set notable for its sparseness as both Reid and Morris play primarily independent lines. Within that set, the effect, most apparent in the rare moments in which one musician briefly acknowledges the other then shifts onto a new independent line, is a tautness in which the listener’s attention wavers from line to line as each musician’s line can be foreground or background, solo or accompaniment, to the other’s line.


Brooklyn, NY, December 9th 2018


  • 01. Are You Ready?
  • 02. Chicago
  • 03. Together Yet Always Apart
  • 04. Parallax Strolls
  • 05. Percussive Play
  • 06. New York
  • 07. In the Mid Ground
  • 08. Talking Drums
  • 09. Skim the Surface and Plunge the Depths
  • 10. Rainbow Gladiator