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Joe Morris



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From the liner notes:

Listen to the music of Joe Morris and one is immediately struck by a few things. First, there is his sense of rhythmic and melodic articulation; a sense of phrasing brimming with potent energy and focused resolve. Then there is an uncanny ability to balance freedom and groove. Finally, there is his ability to pull it all together in structures that bring out particularly inspired playing by his collaborators...

With this release, Morris and crew cement their status as musicians from a generation who have fully absorbed a polyglot view of the jazz tradition. They have the commitment, experience, and the innate understanding to seamlessly pull from both inside and outside, from swing to freedom. But they also have the dedication and creativity to make it their own. It is how they pull to gether all these disparate threads into a unified vocabulary indelibly stamped with their own sensibilities and personalities that makes this such a riveting statement.
— Michael Rosenstein


Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, trumpet, flugelhorn)
Allan Chase (alto, baritone & soprano saxophones)
Joe Morris (double bass)
Luther Gray (drums)

Recorded December 15, 2007 at Firehouse 12, New Haven, CT.