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Dino Saluzzi



ECM 161321

ECM 2638



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After highly acclaimed albums in formations from duo and trio to family band and orchestra, here is the great Argentinean bandoneon player Dino Saluzzi in his first purely solo recording in more than 30 years. Recorded in June 2019, it is a powerful reminder of Dino’s gifts as a musical storyteller of great subtlety. His pieces, in this intimate recording, reach back to early memories; “Don Caye”, subtitled “Variations on the work of Cayetano Saluzzi”, is a most touching dedication to Dino’s father. Throughout, the bandoneonist reflects upon the fleeting passage of time, instrument and performer breathing as one.


  • Dino Saluzzi - bandoneon

Saluzzi Music Studio, Buenos Aires, Argentina, February & June 2019.


  • 01. Adiós Maestro Kancheli
  • 02. Ausencias
  • 03. Según me cuenta la vida – Milonga
  • 04. Íntimo
  • 05. La Cruz del Sur (2da cadencia)
  • 06. Écuyère
  • 07. Ficción
  • 08. Don Caye – Variaciones sobre obra de Cayetano Saluzzi
  • 09. Ofrenda – Tocata