Karl Berger

Karl Berger / Werner Hasler / Gilbert Paeffgen (NBCD 33)

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Karl Berger / Werner Hasler / Gilbert Paeffgen

Karl Berger



NBS 161525




CD 12,39 €

The electrified acoustic trio of vibraphonist Karl Berger (NY), trumpeter and electronic artist Werner Hasler (Switzerland) and drummer Gilbert Paeffgen (Switzerland), exotic groove-based jazz.

The electrified acoustic trio combines several worlds. Stories are told here in the jazz idiom: starting from a basic groove is stressed about this and also improvises with nesting and rhythmic themes. The compositions are mainly played on scales from division of the octave harmonic structures and parallelisms, scales, supposedly inspired by such contrasting worlds as well as the oriental Maqamwelt of natural horns in the Alps region.

The trio moves also because of the natural inclusion of electronica outside "world music" sound is ethnocentric and exoticism of the young new century - in which bits and bytes a supporting role-play required. The clash of purely electronic and acoustic sounds of the trio receives a new topicality and urgency.


  • Gilbert Paeffgen - drums
  • Werner Hasler - trumpet, electronics
  • Karl Berger - vibraphone

Recorded in Novembre & December, 2010


  • 01. Holtondimi
  • 02. Lomallet
  • 03. Metro DimDim
  • 04. CAbH
  • 05. Notes
  • 06. Augdimaug
  • 07. Spiralthing
  • 08. Wuammas